IYEISM (2021)

Iyeism is an interactive digital experience of my past solo dance work, iye, performed in November 2019 for the MIBC Residency - acting as the final extension of the work. Throughout the experience I will be reflecting on the process and life events leading up and aftermath of the premiere of iye.

Iyeism is also a direct response to the pandemic shift to digital and exploring how we can create new spaces to create dance works through this digital medium.



Creative Director(s)_ Eric Cheung & Sebastian Palencia
Producer_Interim Collectives
Choreography_Eric Cheung
UX Designer_Sebastian Palencia
Web Developer_Sani Trinh
3D Web Developer_Akash
Digital Artist_Sebastian Palencia, Eric Cheung & Dallas Mckinnon
Typography_Satch Liam
VFX Artist(s)_Sebastian Palencia &Eric Cheung
Sound Score_Jason Liang (SomeVacancy)
Sound Design_Miguel Vasquez
Video Editor_Eric Cheung
Writer_Simran Sachar
Video Documentation_MiBC - Dance on Tour, The Happening, Eric Tsui, Marko Prodanovic, Hiromu Otsuka